Chile Trip. Day Four. Walking Tour

We had class till 4.30 PM today. Finally felt like I’m learning some Spanish. My teacher in the morning was great and we learnt introduction and I was actually getting some things right. Hooray!

After class we had a walking tour of Valparaiso. We got a bus into the city and then went into the hills and walked around there. We took the funicular up the hills, which was an experience! It doesn’t look safe or really feel 100% safe, but boy was it worth it. The views on it were breath taking!

Once into the hills our tour guide was telling us different parts of the history of the city. Graffiti was a big part and is seen as art in this part of the world. It’s mind boggling how they managed to paint the things they did.

We got to what seemed a viewing point and it was beautiful views over Valparaiso, Vina Del Mar and the Pacific Ocean. There were many cute looking shops and stalls scattered about but hopefully I’ll go back soon to look at them properly.

We were lucky enough to get a boat trip around the bay just as the sun was setting. Wow. Just wow. It once again didn’t feel the safest but it was well worth it. We got to see the city light up and the sun went down. It was so peaceful watching such a busy place from afar. I then got the bus back and had dinner with my host family. Early night for me. Jet lag is winning…


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