Chile Trip. Day 9. Change of plans.


This week’s classes started an hour earlier, resulting in a lot of moaning from everyone in the group. Getting up at 6.30 AM is a struggle and having to then go and learn Spanish that early is difficult. However we are persevering through. Felipe’s classes seem to have changed from ‘Conversation and Culture’ to ‘Spanish Drama’. All we seem to be doing is writing scripts and performing them to the class, be it very funny it isn’t very informative.

IMG_1181After university I came home to a much tidier room to what I left. The maid had been! I took this opportunity to take some pictures of the room, as you would have easily confused it for a bomb site before. There is some kind of construction work happening to our house right next to my room and it makes it difficult to think. I thought I would go back to the market and buy all the little bits and bobs to take back home.

Headphones in and off I went. This was the first time I have walked on my own in the daylight and I saw way more than I normally would. Here in Vina Del Mar and also in Valparaiso there are a lot of stray dogs. Despite their appearance they are the most friendly creatures and just want love and some food! On the walk I found a dog rummaging through the trash.

About 2 minutes away from the market I got a glimpse of the sun and the sea and I couldn’t resist to take a few photos and videos. This then turned into me having my camera and phone recording time lapses and my keeping an eye on both and the beautiful sky as much as I could. The waves were massive, the sun was sitting in the middle of the sky and there were some boats perched on the horizon. Bliss.

It was too beautiful to leave, but when I finally did I had missed the market and the majority of the stalls had gone. So another trip to the market for me!

I haven’t edited a video for the sandboarding from the other day or the clips from today but it’ll be coming soon!


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