Chile Trip. Day Negative 13. Packing.

I have now passed the ‘Less than 2 weeks to Chile mark.’

I’m starting to think about what I should pack/bring with me on this adventure. Although I should add that these are not productive thoughts on the matter. So far I have…

1. Started to think that I should probably start packing soon.

This lasted about 3 days, it mainly consisted of me looking at my ironing pile in horror about how lazy I have become and staring at the clothes that had been scattered on my bedroom floor. Not wanting to start on either of those things, I quickly proceeded to the next stage…

2. Then I began to search the internet for how other people say I should pack my things.

Surprisingly this is not a small niche market on the internet, it is jammed pack filled with this stuff (probably what my suitcase is going to resemble before I leave.) I spent a good chunk of my day just watching this super cool lady who makes videos to prepare you for traveling, I now have a bigger list of things I want to bring with me. Her YouTube is

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 16.08.19

From that I went onto the magical world of packing cubes *yay*. Subsequently going down another rabbit hole of internet searches and YouTube watching, to basically finding out that they are more or less all the same. In the end I decided to go for the cheap eBay option. Hooray for another wasted 4 hours!

3. Suitcase or rucksack?

See!? Look how happy they are with their rucksakes!

The big life questions with Emily. I have been stuck on this question from day one of finding out I was going on this trip ,I wanted to buy a cool rucksack. When I did my DofE I borrowed a rucksack for the expedition and yes, it saved me like £40, but I really really wanted to own my own. I dont really know why I wanted one, my backaches when carrying it, although I think it was mainly for aesthetics. The quintessential backpacker has a rucksack, no other way around it and I have always wanted to go backpacking. So when I found out I was going to Chile I thought this was finally my time to be able to be one step closer to that silly dream I’ve had. But then I really thought about the logistics of a rucksack and spending the money on one. So I’m going with the suitcase, to the despair of younger Emily.

And so far that’s it. I really need to start on a list and not getting distracted on stupid things.


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