Chile Trip. 2 Days Since.

IMG_0932Well it’s ended. I’m back in my nice central heated house, with my dog and amazingly comfy bed. I really can’t believe it’s come to an end.

The Fruit Market

The Saturday was my last proper day so I wanted to spend as much of it with the family. I went to the fruit market with Chila, which was an experience! Everything was so crazy, hectic, colourful and cheap, so cheap. Luckily it wasn’t too much of a walk home as I offered to carry it! I learnt that she has been hosting students for 15 years and I was her 48th. Crazy!




We then took the perros for a walk and sat in the park and chatted some more. Afterwards I took myself to the market to spend the rest of my money. Got some lovely little bits and pieces, including my name on a grain of rice! One of the most interesting things I have ever seen be created.

On the Sunday a small group of us met for breakfast and we followed and watched by about 8 dogs! It was really sad having to say goodbye to the town and the people. I had grown a sense of comfort there which wasn’t easy to leave.

Mi host casa

Mi host familia

I got a picture with our host family and a nice chat before getting picked up. The trip to the airport was sad but beautiful getting to see the countryside for one last time.

Santiago Airport

We arrived at the airport so early we couldn’t even check in, so we found some wifi and sat ourselves down for an hour. Finally got through and onto the plane and after some interesting plane food, lovely service from the air hostess, awful sleep and 9 hours we were in Houston!

9 hours to kill resulted in aimlessly walking around the airport and spending $16 on American snacks for my 12 year old self.


 The flight to Heathrow was really nice, it was an empty flight so we got rows of seats to ourselves and I actually slept! We missed our landing slot so to buy time before decending to Heathrow we got a lovely tour around London. Saw the London Eye, the Shard, Canary Wharf and even our University!

And that’s that. It’s a shame its over but I’ve never been so happy to have a nice WARM bath or to actually have a lay in. My Chile trip was a blast, filled with amazing memories and amazing people. Thanks for following my journey 🙂

P.S Some people on trip also wrote blogs which are super great so you should check them out:

Fiona: She’s a first class honours English Lit grad, so you can imagine how beautiful it is!

Amelie: I have mentioned this before but check it out again! Stunning pictures of the city.

Hannah: Hannah as such a way with words! She’s been blogging for awhile to take a look back at all the great stuff.

Chris: Puns. So many puns.


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