My boyfriend and I booked an impulse holiday to Bucharest, Romania over our anniversary for 2 nights (27th of January to the 29th of January.) I saw the deal on HolidayPirates facebook page and started to search into it. The deal said it was £55 each but we decided to customise things to our liking a bit more.

(All prices for the both of us)


Suggested price for flights:  £39.96

What we paid for:

Flights: £39.96

Seats Together: £20.00

Extra Bag: £40.00

Coach to airport: £32.60

All Transport: £132.56

At the time we felt all these extras were necessary and most were, apart from the Extra Bag.


Suggested price for accommodation: £64.65

What we paid for accommodation: £50.00


Travel Insurance: £18.70

All together

What was suggested: £110.41

What we paid: £201.26

Each: £100.63

This is about £50 more each than what was advertised on Holiday Pirates. Obviously they didn’t factor in the coach to the airport or travel insurance or even sitting together, but for us these were important things.


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