London at Christmas

I forget that I live in London sometimes, I know that sounds ridiculous when I cycle to uni along the Thames or when I get a big red London bus, but it slips my mind occasionally.

Friday was a super lovely day here in LONDON, so I took the opportunity to go visit Covent Garden.

Covent Garden is always beautiful, but there is something special about it at Christmas. There was a string band echoing their music around the hall, a massive Christmas Tree greeting you when you first arrive and mistletoe and disco balls?

Although you can’t sugarcoat central London on a Friday evening, it was packed with people and most of whom were trying to take selfies.

We then went to Somerset House to see the ice skating rink (but not to actually ice skate because my coordination is terrible). Once again we were greeted by a large Christmas Tree, this time there was a stereo playing Christmas tunes and not so many people trying to take selfies. IMG_1610IMG_1613IMG_1606



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