Camping trip 70% success

I have returned! In what feels about 5 different pieces and in need of a new motor. I dont have that sense of achievement of roughing it in the wild for the past two days that I thought (hoped) I’d get.

We first off couldn’t even find the campsite, the satnav took us to the road parallel and that obviously though us off and neither of us thought there wouldn’t be any phone service to redirect it. So we headed to the nearest town to make it look like that was our plan from the start.

Fowey. Which is said like Foy because it rhymes with Joy, or at least that is what the sign said at the car park. It was a pretty little town and we had some tasty pasties by the sea.

Found a map and found our campsite. Pitched the tent in a whopping hour and a half and then we didn’t know what to do with ourselves.

I’ll save you all the boring details but we successfully made dinner both nights in a row without burning anything down and it actually tasted pretty good. Shout out to Tesco for their delicious Spaghetti Hoops and Ravioli.

Made friends with the local campsite chicken.

We walked to and from Polkerris Beach and didn’t get lost.

Tried to find Par Sands on our second day and failed so instead stumbled upon Carlyon Bay, which was really cute and had some pop up food stalls and we had an ace burger from Sams at the Beach in this really cosy set up they had.

Made it to Charleston and watch a sail boat go through the lock and into the sea.

IMG_1502Then came back to the campsite and read my book with this as my backdrop.

However that night was one of the worst nights sleep I have ever had. The “inflatable” mattress turned into two plastic sheets protecting us from the ground as all the air in side seemed to escaped whilst we were sleeping. I then woke up with awful stomach pains and we had to go to tesco at 5 in the morning to buy me some painkillers.

But we didn’t die and I think with a bit of practice we will get good at this camping malarkey. I will remember to bring painkillers next time. 


Hopefully Happy Campers

It’s almost been a week since I arrived back in England from Chile and sleep is seeming like a slightly less foreign thing now. Before I went to Chile my boyfriend and I decided it would be nice when I returned for the two of us to go camping for a few nights. We bought camping gear when we went to Reading Festival last year and it felt like a waste to not use it when we live so close to Cornwall. 

So I’m going on my first camping trip today. Well I mean I’ve been on a few before but it was either with my mum who brings bed sheets, a plug in kettle and bed side lights or for my Duke of Edinburgh where I had a sleeping bag and that’s all. 

Matt and I are headed to Fowey for 3 days and 2 nights. I have also never been to Cornwall so I’m pretty excited. Not excited for the masses of children that are bound to be at our campsite or the queues of traffic we will be stuck in. But excited for the simplicity of camping. 

Wish us luck!