Brighton. Things to do.

I went to Brighton at the end of April for my birthday. For some strange reason I have obsessed over Brighton for the past couple of months, I have thought that it looked like the coolest place. So a week or so after my birthday, my boyfriend and I took a trip down. I was very worried about going and ruining the expectation that I had built up in my mind but I was also too excited not to go.

The Beach

I wasn’t expecting it to be a rocky beach but you can’t expect topical sandy beaches in Britain! We walked along the beach a few times during our trip and really just took in the relaxing seaside. We became a little crazy on Time Lapses during this trip and we spent a lot of time just sitting with our cameras doing these time lapses, which did turn out really lovely with the waves.


west pier

They are building a massive tourist attraction called the i360 which is right in front of the old pier. That part of the beach is quite heavily sectioned off but we found that you can still go to the water right in front and we got some lovely views to the pier.IMG_0254 copy

At the time we didn’t know a lot of the history of the old pier but there was something very calming about looking to this old wreck. The beams that held the walkway to get to the pier were still there and were beautiful to photograph.


The Beach HutsIMG_0185

The Beach Huts in Brighton aren’t as exciting as I hoped for, a lot are run down and are in need of a new coat of paint. However some were beautiful and the owners clearly took pride in them. It is a bit of a walk from the main town so not a necessary part of the trip.

Brighton Pier


This lively and tourist filled place is a classic stereotypical British Pier. It was packed with 2p and 10p machines, grabbers that we wasted a good £10 on, racing games, I mean I can’t even remember all the stuff that was there. We probably spent about £20 in here but we had so much fun. Its hard to describe why really, the feeling of winning a handful of 2p’s just to put it back in the machine to see if you can win some more. It was just some harmless, very small form of gambling.

We luckily went in when the weather started to cloud up and rain a little so it that recept it was a great thing to do considering the weather but totally a fun 2 hours to spend!

We walked out of the arcade part to the all fun fair rides. Unfortunately they weren’t on as it wasn’t their season, but I dont know how much I could have braved them!

IMG_0180From the pier you get some lovely views over the sea to the beach and onto Brighton. The wheel looked like fun but wasn’t on due to the season and also looked quite pricey!

The laines

We briefly walked up to the North Laines and the Lanes but we were so exhausted from our walk around Brighton and it was a quick trip and back to the B&B. I was a bit disappointed and I wanted to roam around it but we stopped at Choccywoccydoodah and awed at all the marvelous creations and went to a quirky little gift type store and got some pug themed gifts for myself!


It’s a Bathpug (Get it!? Plug, pug!)


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