Chile Trip. Day One/Two. The long arrival. 

Planes. Planes. And more planes. Oh and one small coach. 

I have travelled for all of 25 and a half hours. From Heathrow – Houston. Houston – Santiago. It was long, lots of movies were watched and little sleep was had, like any good flight is. 

Just before landing in Santiago, the plane started to be filled with this beautiful orange colour.  When I looked through the family sat by my nearest window, I saw the sun hovering over the clouds and mountains. Absolutely stunning. A great first viewing of Chile. 

After arriving and one checked bag missing (poor Ben), the four of us got in a coach big enough for 30 and headed to Vina Del Mar. Everyone else slept but I refused to let jet lag win.

My Bed

I got to my host family’s house and began to get really nervous, it finally hit me that this is where I’m leaning for 2 weeks. The bus driver rang the door bell and two dogs came running around, which put me to ease because dogs! My host mum, Chila, greated me and took my things and showed me to my room. It was a little confusing as I only said hello to her. But Amelie was in the room so I chated to her.

Minta. My host family’s dog.

Chila took us on a dog walk so we could understand the area around is better then we all ate lunch, which felt like as much as I eat in a day!

Vine Del Mar beach

We went down to the beach which was absolutely stunning. Then met up with the rest of the group. When we got back to the home I was too tired to eat and just wanted to sleep. Chila was really cool with it.

So now University tomorrow…


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