Bucharest. Flights/Transport

We flew to Bucharest with RyanAir and got our airport transfers through National Express. All in all worked out to be pretty inexpensive. 

The flights (with RyanAir) were about £20 each, which is insane to travel to a country and back. But we paid a little more so we could sit together on the plane. Also we stupidly purchased a suitcase to have in the hold as we thought that we would buy stuff there and have too many clothes to fit into a backpack. This was silly as we more or less wore the same outfits (apart from socks and underwear) for the two days we were there. It was nice not having to worry about liquids etc. But depending on how long you are staying I would say to only bring carry ons.


The plane we flew on.

We also purchased our travel insurance from Ryanair.

We flew from Stansted, which meant we had to pay for coach fares from Victoria Coach Station to Stansted Airport. We booked that through National Express. When we arrived back into England later than scheduled and we missed our coach, we thought we would have to repurchase tickets for a later time but the lady at the National Express counter told us that was no problem and just to get on the next available coach. This was a great move by National Express and made me feel so much more at ease. I would 100% recommend booking any airport transfers through them as not having strict coach times is a weight off any worried shoulders.

The flight itself was cramped but you can’t complain much for £10. It was to Otopeni Airport which is the main international airport for Bucharest, it is also known as Henri Coandă International Airport, I have no idea why.


Suggested price for flights:  £39.96

What we paid for:

Flights: £39.96

Seats Together: £20.00

Extra Bag: £40.00

Coach to airport: £32.60

All Transport: £132.56

At the time we felt all these extras were necessary and most were, apart from the Extra Bag.


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