Chile Trip. Day Negative 3. Un/organized.

I’m flying in 3 days… 3 DAYS!

I had to go to university again yesterday to get final information and sign important documents. The group of us had a lot of questions which couldn’t be answered, the lady just kept saying that’ll she will look into it. I’m excited to actually be in Chile but nervous that we are going to have to work things out on our own once we get there. Hoping that things will fall into place soon.

I got the name and address of my host family, google street viewed it and it looks like a nice area. Its in town of Vina Del Mar, which is 20 minutes from Valparaiso. Where I grew up in Florida was called Vina Del Mar, which was a really nostalgic feeling. I also emailed the lady with my terrible Spanish skills, I used a Spanish phrasebook I got and tried to paste all the things together, so hopefully I haven’t offended her!

Got my money, all 170,000 Chilean Pesos. I dont think I have ever felt so rich!! The notes are also such beautiful colours.

And I’m off on Saturday!


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