Chile Trip. Day 12. Where has the time gone!? 

My goodness these past two weeks have flown by. Yesterday we had our last day of university. I always getting really sad about leaving a place, I don’t really know why, losing a sense of comfort I suppose.

IMG_1141I kept thinking:  “This’ll be the last time I go and get a hot chocolate with Fi in the break” or “I will never be able to see this view while having lunch every again.” Thinking that didn’t really help the whole getting emotional about leaving a place.

IMG_1305We got a lovely group photo with us and one of our Professors, Mariana. I will miss her teaching style, she was always happy but learning never felt like a chore with her. Felipe’s class, as always was more relaxed but I think that was good for everyone.

Just as class finished 3 boys in our group decided to jump into the pool that they have in the university. First two went in fine but the third boy, Ish, dislocated his arm and had to be taken to hospital! He is fine now just all bandaged up and he now has a priceless souvenir to take back with him!

IMG_1317When leaving the university to get the bus Fi and myself were getting some last pictures of the university and I think it really hit us then.


The “Last time we will be here” face

As a group we went out for a dinner, our professors were there and our student helpers were there. It was a really nice night and is ending the trip on a high.

Now I face my last day and I really have no idea what I should do to make the most of my remaining time.


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