Bucharest. Accommodation

The HolidayPirates suggested a hotel that was £65 for the 2 nights but we instead decided to go for an apartment as it was a cheaper alternative and we wanted the space and freedom to cook there.

I searched Booking.com to find an apartment and we stumbled apon ‘Obor Towers Accodmation’. It was a one bedroom accommodation that could sleep up to four people with the use of the futon in the living room.

For the two nights this accommodation was £50, but we paid the man directly when we arrived. He ask for Euros but all we had was Romanian Leu but once he converted it over he was fine with it.

The man (whose name I have forgotten) was very friendly, his English was very good and gave us a brief overview of the area when we arrived. We called him once we arrived at the airport so he could meet us to give us our keys. However the taxi we were in got a bit lost and we ended up arriving a lot later than was expected. However the man stayed and was still very welcoming. He told us to call him if we had any problems during our stay, to do with the room or just in general. Although we didn’t call him, I wouldn’t have hesitated to if we did encounter a problem. It was reassuring to know that someone was there for us in such a foreign place.

The apartment block was quite modern and weirdly always had music playing in the reception, which was a little eerie when arriving back late at night. The room was on the sixth floor and there was only one elevator working, however we never met another person in the lift.

In hindsight I should have researched into the area of Bucharest a little better and tried to find a place that was a little more central. As Obor Towers was on the other side of the capital from the airport, so our taxi there took quite awhile. However the metro station was about a 5-10 minute walk from the apartment and there were plenty of little shops around to get basics to have in the house.


The bedroom

The bedroom was a decent size, with a good size closet as well. There were extra pillows and blankets, which I’m guessing was meant for the futon in the living room but we used when we got back from our days out as it was quite chilly and we didn’t want to leave the heating on. The bed itself was extremely soft and quite low down. The pillows were different sizes to what I’m used to in England and the duvet was a bit odd as it didn’t close at the bottom. There were two small chairs (the white chair to the right in the picture) with a table between them, however they didn’t look the cleanest so we used it to put clothes on.


The living room, with futon to make another double bed. Small table and TV off the left. Behind blue curtain was a balcony.

The living room was very large. The futon wasn’t the comfiest but it wasn’t unbearable. There was a TV with loads of channels to watch, with quite a few being in English with Romanian subtitles are vice a versa. There was also free wifi which was a big help as we could investigate things to do online.


Kitchen area with fridge/freezer, microwave, sink, and cooker. Also a small table with what felt like garden chairs to eat at.

We didn’t really use the kitchen much, only for breakfast and keeping drinks in the fridge. There were a large selection of bowls, cups, pots and pans for us to use. We only use the bowls and cups as we bought some cereal for breakfast.


The bathroom with washing machine (not sure if we could use it or not), sink and bath/shower.

Bathroom was big and bright. My boyfriend used the shower and he said the pressure was okay but a little slippery once stood in the shower.


View from the balcony.

It was a bit too cold for us to sit on the balcony but I’d imagine in summer it would be a nice place to sit.

Overall ‘Obor Towers’ wasn’t the greatest place to stay, it had its faults. Walls were scuffed, the chairs looked a bit dirty and the furniture all didn’t really match. But for the price you are paying you really can’t fault it. We didn’t spend an awful lot of time in the place and it was a comfy bed for us to rest of heads. The location wasn’t as bad as we originally thought and for the price of the metro, you would be stupid not to use it. The man was so friendly and made us feel like we had a point of call in emergencies. The free wifi was great as well. If you are looking for a budget holiday to Romania, I would suggest ‘Obor Towers’ as you get a lot included for the price you pay.

To book ‘Obor Towers’ click here


Suggested price for accommodation: £64.65

What we paid for accommodation: £50.00


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